You have had rice before, but you were probably not impressed. You've eaten that same bland, mushy rice longer than you can remember. Imagine a rice just as flavorful with or without the trimmings. An aroma of popcorn that fills the house and tempts your taste buds. That's "Ellis Stansel's Gourmet Rice."

I would like very much to share with you one of the very good treasures we have here in Louisiana, "Ellis Stansel's Gourmet Rice" (we call it Popcorn Rice) - I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Stansel's gourmet rice originated from a strain aromatic rice imported from Pakistan via France in the 1920's. Stansel says the original rice had such a terrible smell that it would "run you out of the kitchen" when it was cooking. With hybridization and Stansel's control of the important factors of growth, fertilization, cutting time, drying and milling, a gourmet rice has emerged to please the palates of food lovers around the world.

Stansel's gourmet rice looks like any other long-grain, milled white rice, but the proof is in the cooking. "My rice is actually an aromatic rice. Down here it is called popcorn rice because it smells like popcorn when it is cooking. We call Ellis Stansel's rice "gourmet rice" because it is the best!

  1. Do I cook your rice like regular rice?
  2. Yes, cook our rice the same way and in any dish or recipe that you can find and the results will be that much more spectacular. But if you'd like a little extra help, read our simple cooking instructions on the Cooking page.

  3. What makes it smell and taste so good?
  4. All plants have a naturally occurring substance in them called 2A 1P. This is what make some plants smell and taste stronger than others. Our family has learned and developed the technics, skills and methods of maximizing this substance naturally without the use of any chemicals or additives. Our rice and rice based products have more 2A 1P than most any other found in the natural rice world.

  5. How long will it stay good after I buy it?
  6. As long as you store it in a cool, dry location it will stay fresh for months. For long term storage, simply keep the unused portion in its cotton bag and place it in your deep freezer. It will stay fresh for years! And when your ready to use it, you don't even need to thaw it out. Just go straight to your stove with it. But something this good!? Why wait that long to use it?

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