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Stansel's Gourmet Rice

Cajun Rice, Purple Rice, Fish Fry Rice, Sauces & Dips Perfect for Summer Cookouts

Ellis Stansel, founder of the popcorn rice market in the United States, knew all about rice. He specifically knew about specialty rice. Not only was Ellis Stansel a treasure in the Gueydan, Louisiana area, but his rice is treasured by people who cannot seem to get enough of its delicate flavor.

Our gourmet rice is an aromatic brown or white rice that gives off the smell of popcorn while cooking. This is why we call it popcorn rice! It is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. For those of you who have a little Cajun in your soul, our carefully crafted hot sauces are sure to make your dishes pop with flavor. Stansel’s Gourmet Rice provides you with the following specialty products:

Family-owned, family values

We are a family-owned and operated rice business. Ellis Stansel started the gourmet rice production and his legacy strives to uphold his values by providing quality ingredients and products to our customers. Our products are wholesome and natural... the way that food used to be 50 and 60 years ago.

Food should be made simple! We want you to be as passionate about gourmet rice as the Stansel family is. With quality ingredients and lots of flavor, your Louisiana-inspired dishes will be even more successful with Stansel's Gourmet Rice. Order your gourmet rice, purple rice, sauces, dips and aprons today. For bulk orders, please call 337-536-6140.